Hey guys! Happy Monday. (Side-eye welcome) lol.

So I came across this interesting article over the weekend from The Gaily Grind and wanted to share it with you all. Ya never know, it may come in handy when you have a stubborn top but you are really in the mood to shove your throbbing cock into a nice tight hole top yourself.

The acticle titled ‘How to Get a Top to Bottom‘ goes into detail about ways you can get your dominant top to be a little submissive without even realizing it… And not that I’m a sex expert but I would give these techniques a try. 😛

The article is broken down into 6 simple steps…

1. Blow him as he blows you.

2. Get him to blow you on all fours.

3. Get on top of him.

4. Rim him.

5. Put your hard cock between his legs.

6. Use the Total Sphincter Relaxation method.


So there you have it. The trick isn’t to assert your dominance because the top will reciprocate with more dominance. Instead, according to the article, you want the top to get into increasingly submissive positions as you seduce him.

You can read the article with a lot more detail here. Let us know what you think, and for those of you that try it, fill us in on the juicy deets!

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