Hundreds Of Shirtless, Oiled-Up Naval Plebes Climb This

Over 500 Naval Academy plebes participated in the annual Herndon Climb, an event that marks the end of plebe year for midshipmen.

The Class of 2019 must utilize everything they’ve learned about teamwork, forming a human pyramid to scrape away at the lard covering the 21-foot monument, remove a “Dixie cup” hat from the top of the structure and replace it with an upperclassman’s hat.

“It was amazing,” said Midshipman Josh Dinardo. “It sucked to be at the bottom, but it’s an incredible feeling.”

“The best part was being all together. Class unity,” said Midshipman Hailey Burns, of Newtown, Pennsylvania. “The worst part was being pushed.”

Nick Jonas Admits to…

Take a look at this “Carpool Karaoke” segment on “The Late Late Show” with host James Corden.

After performing one of Jonas’ songs “Chains,” Corden asks Jonas if he’s ever been tied up in bed. “I have actually, I didn’t enjoy it at all,” he admits.

“I performed at a gay club one time and they literally chained me to the wall as I’m performing the song. It was very, very erotic,” Jonas says.

Want to see THAT performance? Check back with is tomorrow for that steamy video! You wont want to miss it!

Shirtless Musicians

If you are late to the Eurovision Song Contest party, the singing competition’s 2016 hosts have performed an instructional demo called “Love Love Peace Peace” showing newcomers how to create the perfect Eurovision Performance.

Watch hosts Måns Zelmerlöw and comedian Petra Mede give us the secret for the best Eurovision Performance below:

Are You Happy With How You Look?

Not all men are happy with their appearance.

A recently published study by Chapman University, 24% of men felt very or extremely satisfied with their weight, and only half felt somewhat to extremely satisfied.

Check out this Buzzfeed video social experiment, The Try Guys let us know how they personally see themselves when they compare their real body shapes to photoshopped versions of their bodies.